[stronger] together 2020 Training with Coach Jo


comprehensive program

Long runs - Extended run designed to increase your endurance, they will be run at a conversational pace and/ or 60 - 90 seconds slower than your goal race pace.

“Tempo” runs - These are harder efforts that are still able to be sustained they will be between 30 - 60 minutes. We will play with different paces and effort levels to prepare you for race day.

Track / Hills - These are interval workouts that will vary in distance of repeats. They will be about 60 minutes long with warm up and cool down. They will build speed and endurance. Plus they are fun!

Base Runs - These are short to medium length runs that are done at your natural pace.

Suggested [solidcore] class schedule

virtual support

Facebook group for all participants to provide encouragement, connect with running partners, gear recommendations and more!

Instagram account for all participants to follow with running visuals and motivational posts!

Weekly emails will include info about organized group runs across the country

Jo Gomez [solidcore]
Director of Training

14 marathons
7 half IRONMANs
1 ultra marathon
Many many half marathons and shorter distances

more about jo

purchase training - $50

16 week full or half marathon training program.
December 7th - March 21st

*If you're looking for extra support or are interested in a plan prior to 16 weeks pre-race reach out to jo@solidcore.co

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